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NAB Clears Records of 5 First Time Offenders

Originally published on The Palm Beach Beat

The Neighborhood Accountability Board (NAB) graduated five first-time offenders on April 21. This ceremony, held at the City of West Palm Beach’s Police Department Community Room, was the final step for youth participants who committed misdemeanor crimes. Reed Daniel, Director of the city’s Youth Empowerment Center, presided over the program and called the ceremony a “right of passage for a fresh start.”

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio said that NAB provides an alternative for young people who are first-time offenders of misdemeanor crimes to avoid involvement with the criminal justice system. “The young people who go through this [program] don’t offend again, which is exactly what we want to happen.” Muoio said. Closing remarks were made by the city’s chief of police, Sarah Mooney. She praised the parents in the room for supporting their children through a program like NAB.

Graduates were presented with certificates of completion and also given the floor to express their gratitude for the program. One young man said he was appreciative of NAB and read a letter that apologized to his mother for the embarrassment his actions caused.

The NAB program is a collective initiative between the City of West Palm Beach Police Department and the Youth Empowerment Center. To learn more about the program call the Youth Empowerment Center at (561) 804-5011.

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